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This area of the website is restricted to Residents of Paradise Resort Estates only.

UserNames and Passwords are required to see this data.

If you are a Resident and need a username, send an email to: 

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Website Updates – May 26, 2021

Check this page to see what has been updated since your last visit.

Comment Form

This is the new on-line Resident’s Comment form. Simply fill in the form and your comments, complaints or questions will be automatically emailed to the Board.

Comment Summary

This page provides a link to a summary of all 2021 Forms and the Response. 

Residents Photos and Lists

This section provides details on our residents through lists and photos.

Resident photo by Name, Resident Photo by Lot; New Owners, Alphabetical List, Numerical List; Veterans; Volunteers and Obituaries.

Minutes from Meetings

This section gives you access to the minutes from the All Park Meetings and the Board Meetings.

Board Documents

This section provides details on our Board members. It includes the Residents Association Bylaws. it also provides a number of documents including water shutoff locations, manual opening of the gate, and all Board procedures (formerly known as SOP’s)

Management’s Announcements

Management Announcements will be placed in this section periodically.


You can also access our “What’s Up” Page here as an electronic  listing of upcoming events and last minute changes.