2019-2020 Special Events

The Following is a listing of the upcoming Entertainment, Dances and other Public Events in Paradise Resort Estates

Day Date Time Event  
Sat 16-Nov-19 7pm-10 pm First Dance “Greyrock”
Wed  20-Nov-19 7pm-9pm Welcome Back to Paradise Party featuring Ralph KUSTER
Sat 23-Nov-19 7pm-10 pm Dance “Diego”
Tue 26-Nov-19 8am-12pm Craft Sale  
Tue 26-Nov-19 9am-3pm Open House  
Sat 7-Dec-19 7pm-10 pm Dance “Agency” $10 Advance Tickets
Sat 14-Dec-19 7pm-10 pm Dance “Burning Ember”  
Wed  18-Dec-19 7pm-9pm Christmas in Paradise featuring Ralph KUSTER
Tue 31-Dec-19 7pm-10 pm Dance “Classics” Advanced Tickets
Sat 4-Jan-20 7pm-10 pm Dance “Hot Rodz”
Wed  8-Jan-20 7pm-9pm ERIC KEARNS – Variety Show; New to RGV
Sat 11-Jan-20 8am-12pm Yard Sale   (Driveways)  
Sat 11-Jan-20 7pm-10 pm Dance “Burning Ember”  
Wed  15-Jan-20 7pm-9pm FREDDIE & SHEILA (Pelletier)
Sat 18-Jan-20 7pm-10 pm Dance “Renaissance Rockers”
Wed  22-Jan-20 7pm-9pm The Punches Family
Sat 25-Jan-20 7pm-10 pm Dance “Diego”
Tue 28-Jan-20 8am-12pm Craft Sale  
Tue 28-Jan-20 9am-3pm Open House  
Wed  29-Jan-20 7pm-9pm REWIND BAND (Brent Manning, Harlingen)
Thur 30-Jan-20 7pm-9pm Bob Wills Tribute
Sat 1-Feb-20 7pm-10 pm Dance “Hot Rodz”
Sat 8-Feb-20 7pm-10 pm Dance “Classics” (Sock Hop)
Wed  12-Feb-20 7pm-9pm SHELLEY & DARREN (from Daddy D Three)
Sat 15-Feb-20 7pm-10 pm Dance “Agency” $10 Advance Tickets
Wed  19-Feb-20 7pm-9pm SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL – Tavie Spivey and Ladies
Sat 22-Feb-20 7pm-10 pm Dance “Burnin Ember” (Country Western)  
Tue 25-Feb-20 8am-12pm Craft Sale  
Tue 25-Feb-20 9am-3pm Open House  
Wed  26-Feb-20 7pm-9pm THE PIANO MAN – Jason Whorlow
Sat 29-Feb-20 7pm-10 pm Dance “GreyRock” 
Sat 7-Mar-20 7pm-10 pm Dance “Renaissance Rockers”
Sun 8-Mar-20 3pm-5pm Ent- “RGV Band”
Wed  11-Mar-20 7pm-9pm Spittin Image
Sat 14-Mar-20 7pm-10 pm Dance “Time Machine”
Sat 14-Mar-20 8am-12pm Yard Sale   (Driveways)  
Sat 21-Mar-20 7pm-10 pm Dance “Regan James”